Encouraging Collective value addition and marketing among maize farmers

Maize production is one the highly paying and highly growing agricultural enterprises in Uganda due to increasing demand for maize processed products. Of recent, the demand for maize products has increased due to ready market provided especially by South Sudan and maize being adaptable to a variety of tropical conditions can easily be grown for processing to meet the customer demand.
However, maize growing has been taken up mainly on small with no input use, thus; resulting into low yields and returns to farmer investment. This has been exacerbated by the exploitative nature of marketing middlemen in the value chain who take advantage of farmers especially during peak seasons when there is a surplus of produce. Given the fact the most maize farmers lack proper storage facilities; they are forced to give away their produce at cheaper prices leaving them with little revenues, thus; unable to break even. Therefore, due to the above, a strategy of producing maize using local fertilizer material (Kitchen ash); storing and adding value to maize through processing to maize floor (grade A and B) and poultry feed has been developed so that even during peak seasons maize can be harvested, processed and stored for a longer time until when prices rise to a level that can enable actors in the value chain to break even and remain in business.
This project will be bulking maize from farmers in the maize growing villages through their groups and from individual farmers. Each farmer participating in this project must be a maize farmer with at least 2 acres of land dedicated to maize production; this means that a maximum of 500 maize farmers will be recruited under this project as the initial phase of the project aims at utilizing 1000 acres of farmers land for maize production. To ensure proper agronomic management of the maize farms by farmers, the project will employ qualified extension agronomists to provide the necessary advice to the participating farmers. This initiative requires an initial investment of US$189250.03. Offer your support to the project and help to sustainably end poverty among Nakasongola Farmers.

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